Google Meet Premium expiring on Sept. 30 - What it means for your school


Perhaps the biggest question in the minds of most teachers and administrators today, who are using G Suite for Education, is what will happen tomorrow when Google Meet Premium features expire. In March of this year, Google made the advanced Google Meet video conferencing features available to all G Suite Education users at no cost until September 30th. See blog post here.

These advanced features include:

  • Recording
  • Livestream from within the domain
  • Extending the number of participants from 100 to 250

These features are only available in the G Suite Enterprise for Education edition, which currently costs $48/user/year, with an option to get a 50% discount if buying licenses for the whole faculty and staff of your school.

On August 12th, as part of The Anywhere School event, Google announced that a temporary recording feature for those using Google Meet for G Suite Education will be made available later this year. While this new temporary recording is not yet available, Google Meet recording will continue to be available even after the September 30th deadline.

So what can you expect by October 1st?

If you’re using Google Meet with an account, you will now be limited to 60 minutes per Meet session.

If you’re using Google Meet with a G Suite for Education account, then:

  1. You can continue to enjoy the recording feature until the new temporary recording is put in place. The temporary recording will not allow you to download the videos and it will only be available for 30 days, but for purposes of letting students watch sessions they missed, it is still very useful.
  2. Your limit for participants will revert to 100 pax.
  3. Livestreaming within the domain will now be disabled.
  4. Meetings recorded during the promotional period remain in the meeting organizer’s Drive.

If you’re using Google Meet with a G Suite Enterprise for Education account, then there is no change and you continue to enjoy these features that are part of your enterprise subscription.

Hope this clarifies some of your questions on what will happen tomorrow. If you have any more questions around Google Meet or Google Enterprise and wish to discuss, please email me at

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