The Weekend Habit Ep. 1: Prepping for Online Teaching Using Your Own Awesome #gurochat

Everyone in the education world is talking about it - online teaching, remote learning, and teaching from home. COVID19 has put such a wrench into the next school year's plans, that many schools are now going back to the drawing board to rethink and redesign their curricula for this new mode of learning delivery.

Many teachers who were reluctant to move to using edtech tools and apps now find themselves without a choice. But there's a silver lining.

Teachers are rediscovering their own innate ability to learn something new really fast. They're rediscovering their own awesome. 

This Saturday, we are joined by teachers in the Twitter world for a one-hour discussion on what they're doing to prepare for online teaching. The good thing about it is, if you're not on Twitter, you can still join the discussion by commenting your answers on YouTube and Facebook Live. Tune in to the following channels to watch us discuss these answers and also answer some questions you may have about participating in a Twitter chat in the future.

The Weekend Habit #gurochat on Facebook Live

The Weekend Habit #gurochat on YouTube Live



The Weekend Habit #gurochat is a new Twitter chat series simulcast on YouTube Live and Facebook Live that happens every Saturday 9:30AM GMT + 8 and moderated by Mary Manzano (@_marymanzano) and Alfonso Mangubat (@teacherforest)


How to join the Twitter Chat:

1. Log onto Twitter and search for the hashtag: #gurochat

2. The discussion starts promptly at 9:30AM GMT+8 and will begin with an introduction. Introduce yourself and answer the intro question for the session. 

3. Remember to always put #gurochat in your tweets so the moderators can find your responses.

4. The questions have a Q1 in front of them, e.g. 
Q1: What is the favorite impossible thing you like to do before breakfast? #gurochat

5. Your answers must then begin with an A1., e.g.
A1: I like flipping a very large omelette into the air and catching them. #gurochat

IMPORTANT (and I cannot stress this enough) - Don't forget the hashtag.

Happy Twitter Chatting!

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